A New Path is not your typical transitional living or sober living experience. Our Inspired®

Living Program focuses on life after inpatient drug and alcohol treatment.


We believe in a comprehensive system for success:

We believe recovery is not one-size- fits-all. Accordingly, A New Path program is custom-tailored to each individual. Everyone is supported one-on-one in developing unique systems and strategies for success. We start by assigning each client a team of consultants to ensure appropriate physical, emotional, social and spiritual support. Next, we lay out a series of personal goals for each individual to pursue. Regularly scheduled planning and coaching sessions allow us to adapt our support continuously. Personal responsibility is fostered through time & financial management, written daily reflections, random drug testing, active 12-step participation, volunteering or working in the community.

At A New Path, we understand the journey of recovery. We have extensive personal and professional experience – we know exactly how tenuous the first year of recovery can be. That’s why our program structure is specifically designed to lead others from the stark post-treatment reality, when we ask ourselves “Now What?”, to having a track-record of being happy, healthy and productive. Our structure coupled with willingness to learn makes it possible to build the foundation for life-long success.

Once we are sober we need to learn for ourselves that life can still be fun and exciting. A true recovery lifestyle moves far beyond abstinence to embrace the full potential of life. Carbondale is an ideal setting to experience all that life has to offer. Our small town fosters an immediate sense of community AND we have the excitement of the Roaring Fork Valley at our fingertips. The mountains offer unparalleled opportunities for outdoor adventures—hiking, rock climbing, skiing, snow boarding and more. Two world-class rivers offer unparalleled fishing, boating and rafting. Our clients learn the joy of healthy exertion and exploration. They learn to love a full balanced life- physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 

What Clients and Families have to say

A New Path not only changed my life, but also showed me how to live a life I never thought possible.
Jordan, Client
A New Path understands the difficulty in continuing recovery. We can not recommend Frankie and his whole team at A New Path highly enough. Supporting your loved ones by allowing them to be a part of A New Path will give them the tools they must use to live a fulfilling and sober life.
Michael and Wendy, Parents
I would recommend A New Path to anyone trying to maintain a sober life- I give credit to their programs and dedication as 2 of the reasons I recently achieved a year of sobriety.
Jason, Client
A New Path was a life changing experience for our son with a very positive outcome. We are very grateful to A New Path for the gift of this program that provided our son with the tools he needed to move forward in his life. We highly recommend this program.
Kathleen, Parent
I started using drugs at such a young age that I couldn’t budget, manage my time, or set goals. I had no idea how to be a productive member of society. Thanks to A New path, I now have those skills. Rehab saved my life. A New Path showed me how to live it.
Adam, Client
The team at A New Path brought not only friendship and mentoring, but vast knowledge through their own life experiences of what is needed for growth and development in a sober life.
Connie and Todd, Parents
Frankie and the rest of the staff have proven time and time again to be some of the best people to have in your corner and I am eternally grateful that I built those relationships.  I am coming up on three years sober and I know that I wouldn’t have made it this far without A New Path.
Joe, Client
A New Path helped me to first see and then become who I truly am.
Matt, Client